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Vintage Pak Fashions

Vintage Pak Fashions

Pak items were made in 1959 and continued past 1972.
Everybody loves them because they are mostly mix and match pieces and are fun to dress Barbie dolls with.  Some of the most sought after pieces are like items in a variation color such as "Best Bow"and "Cool Casuals"

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Pak Accessories / Pak-Misc
Pak Accessories - Cardboard with the bust form, red OT heels & a booklet. All original. Excellen..
Party Fun |  PAK-2
Party Fun - phone directory NM/MINT...
Pink Satin Rhinestone / BG-pak4
Pak - Pink Satin Sparkle with Rhinestones Long skirt, long coat, sheath skirt, off the shoulder to..
Red Cotton slacks  / Pak-51
Red Cotton Pak - Red slacks with yellow belt. NM/Mint..
Red Silk Sheath / BG-pak11
Red Silk Sheath - Barbie Fashion. C/NM/Mint..
Silk Sheaths / BG-pak21
Silk Sheath - Barbie Pak Fashion This is a set of four silk sheaths.  Pale gold, white, emeral..
Skirt Styles / BG-pak37
Skirt Styles - Barbie Pak Fashion. 1967. Yellow Skirt "Stormy Weather" material. Pristine!..
Striped Jersey Pak Set / BG-pak1
Pak - Striped Jersey long skirt with gold glitter, Spectator Sport dress with belt, crop top, shorts..
Sun Shiner / Pak-87
Sun Shiner - C/NM/Mint Sun Shiner pak dress in Tutti's "Cookin' Goodies" material.  Included w..
Sunshiners Red / BG-pak30
Sunshiners - Barbie Pak Fashion 1969 Red with black polks dots.  This version is very hard to ..

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