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Bubble Cut

Bubble Cut

Vintage Barbie Bubble Cut Dolls were issued from 1961 - 1967
Barbie's new look in 1961 is said to be influenced by the 1st lady Jackie Kennedy, the fashion icon of the time. The short hair style became know as the Bubblecut. Bubblecut Barbie dolls were sold from 1961 to 1967. Although collectors do not often distinguish the different faces like they do with the ponytail, the Bubblecut's face underwent the same transformation as the ponytail. The first Bubblecut had a small tight hairstyle. As the years progressed her hair got fuller and fuller.

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Bubble Cut / 11M4
Bubble Cut - 1962 redhead.  Barbie Doll With Fashion Queen Wig Hairstyle in Mint Condition. H..
Bubble Cut / BBV-MM11
Bubble Cut - 1961 Titian with white/pinky lips.  Nude with a good body with some nail polish...
Bubble Cut / BBV-MM12
Bubble Cut - 1961 Brunette with retouched butter lips. Nude with a good body with all toe and nail ..
Bubble Cut / BBV-MM2
Bubble Cut - 1961 Brunette nude with red lips. Awesome face and a lovely doll. No Green.  Good..
Bubble Cut Blonde / 4X19
Bubble Cut - 1961 Blonde and Beautiful doll with her original zebra swimsuit and fabulous light re..
Bubble Cut Blonde / BBV-MM10
Bubble Cut - 1961 Blonde with faded lips . Nude with a good body with most toe and nail polish. No ..
Bubble Cut Blonde / BBV-MM9
Bubble Cut - 1961 Blonde with retouched red lips. Nude with a good body with all toe and nail polis..
Bubble Cut Dressed Box Doll / 4X3
Dressed Box Doll - Brunette Bubble Cut with original coral lips. Dressed in "Career Girl" with her ..
Bubble Cut Redhead / 4X16
Bubble cut - 1961 Red hair and big "Lucy" red lips. Original black/white swim suit.  Nice hai..
Bubble Cut Titian / BBV-MM13
Bubble Cut - 1961 Titian with very pretty full thick hair, nice #5 nude body and original red lips..

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