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PJ & Stacey

PJ & Stacey

PJ (1969-1984) This doll was initially marketed as "New 'N Groovy Talking P.J.", and originally used the Midge face sculpt. Later versions of the P.J. character used the Steffie face sculpt, starting in 1972 with The Sun Set Malibu P.J. One P.J. doll, 1983 Dream Date P.J., was described as "Barbie doll's cousin" on her box, though this was never mentioned anywhere else. To date, Mattel has declared that the initials P.J. don't stand for anything, that it is simply the character's name.

Stacey (1968-1971) This character was Barbie doll's "British chum", part of the new group of Talking dolls for 1968. She was later issued as a Twist 'N Turn version. These are the only two types of Stacey dolls ever made.

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