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Skipper, Scooter, Ricky & Friends

Skipper, Scooter, Ricky & Friends

Skipper (1964–2003, 2010-present) Skipper was the first character added to the line as part of Barbie doll's family. Skipper is Barbie's younger sister. She was first introduced with blue eyes and a variety of hair colors like blonde and brown. She is a main character in the "Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse" series. In the series, she has been remodeled as a teenager with brown hair and a purple streak.

Skooter (1965–1968, 1975–1976) Skipper's first female friend.

Ricky (1965–1967) Skipper's first male friend (sometimes referred to as Skipper's first "boyfriend").

Fluff (1971–1972) Skipper's playmate.

Tiff (1972–1973) Skipper's tomboy friend.

Ginger (1975) Friend of "Growing Up Skipper".

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Skipper BL Titian / GF336
Skipper - 1967 This is a Bendable Leg Skipper Doll with pink skin from 1967 with beautiful pinky/co..
Skipper Blonde TNT / GF272
Skipper - 1969  This is a Vintage Blonde Twist N' Turn Skipper Doll. Her hair has not been cu..
Skipper Platinum / MD1
Skipper - 1963 MIB SL Platinum Blonde with beautiful pink original lips. Mint in box with wrist t..
Skipper TNT / BBV-MM69
Skipper - 1970 Blonde TNT with original double ponytails, thick and full eyelashes and replica swim..
Skipper TNT / GF335
TNT Skipper - 1970 This is a TNT Brunette Skipper Doll with coral lips and rosey cheeks and a cute..
Skooter - 1963 SL Brunette Skooter with two ponytails and pink lips. She is so adorable with her or..

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