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Superstar and 1980-2000 Fashions

Superstar and 1980-2000 Fashions
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Fashion Favorites Barbie - Barbie Fashion. 1979 Disco Dazzle is a glamourous emerald satin jumpsuit..
Fashion Favorites - Barbie Fashion. 1979 Rain or Shine with variation scarf not shown in Eames Volu..
Haute Couture Euro / 83-5841GF
Haute Couture European - Barbie Fashion #5841. 1983 Dress and shoes only. Mint!  ..
Superstar - Barbie Fashion. 1978 Black shimmering gown with black shoes, earrings and necklace. Min..
Superstar - Barbie Fashion. 1976 Aqua and gold coktail dress.  NM..
Superstar - Barbie Fashion. 1978 Sunny yellow long gown with matching sleeveless cape, yellow shoes..
Superstar Barbie Fashion. 1978 Dramatic blue and silver Aglitter gown with faux fur royal blue chub..
Superstar - Barbie Fashion. 1980 Superstar Fashion Favorites red and gold gown with red shawl and r..
Superstar - Barbie Fashion. 1977 Red and gold long gown with matching long cape, gold purse and red..

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