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Andymy Designs

Andymy Designs

Journey started when two ideas came together: Dolls and Fashion. With the desire to become a Fashion Designer and for the love for the small dolls – the perfect mannequins, in the summer of 2009 the concept was created and Andymy Designs started getting shape The Brand started to get noticed in the doll world through pictures of the dolls he had, through the styling of the dolls, and the desire to make the designer’s dream come true.

The main activity of the Brand began in November 2012, as a creator of Fashion for Dolls sizes 12″ and 16″, being constantly supervised by the team of Sorste Factory where he ended working till present as Creative Director. Curious by all the garment process making, he learned all he knows today, pattern, sewing, etc. In 2016 Andymy Designs evolved through the launch of the First Romanian Fashion Doll : LUNA DOLL. Future projects are yet unknown but the desire of Evolution is constant.

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