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The Sample Room

The Sample Room

The Sample Room Couture Fashions!!

What if...... A woman is going through her grandmothers attic. What if Grandma used to work at Mattel, and what if the woman finds an entire box filled with unproduced Barbie fashions and Pak items from the earliest days through the Mod era.

This new line of couture fashions exclusively for Marl & B imagines the things Mattel might have done for the Barbie line. Each of the fashions is made at least partly from original Mattel fabrics and accessories, styled and sewn as close to classic Barbie fashions as possible. 


These fashions are not actual Mattel samples. They are part of a new line "The Sample Room" that we will be carrying. These were inspired by the classic vintage Barbie ensemble and pak fashions. We did not find them in the attic. 

All of These fashions are hand made by a professional designer and seamstress. There are no dolls included in with these outfits.

When we do our new Pak line of fashions, we use both new fabrics and custom reproduction Mattel prints by David Rose, but feature vintage accessories. We hope you enjoy what might have been!

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