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Where It All Began in 1987

Marl Davidson - - Vintage Barbie Dolls and FashionsDoll dealer and show promoter Marl Davidson, owner of Marl &  B

I have been a doll dealer since 1987, that's a long time, but I'm doing something I really love... bringing you, the collector, a Barbie doll that reminds you of a special moment in your childhood. I'm bringing back the "warm fuzzies" of past years and that's why I love my job... My introduction to dolls was when I started collecting Madame Alexander for my daughter Kimee and then got introduced to the Cabbage Patch dolls. I thought they were so cute and I found myself in the middle of the craze. In the midst of all of that commotion, someone offered me a small, yet impressive Barbie collection. I had heard a great deal about Barbie and had a real good feeling about her. So, I bought the small collection of Barbies and the rest is history!

From that point on (1987) I became a doll dealer specializing in modern and vintage BarbieĀ®.  However in the last few years I have expanded my line to include new Tyler Wentworth, Integrity Toys, Dressmaker Details, Randall Craig, Sybarite and other modern fashion dolls which have been part of the recent fashion doll renaissance.

I am a collector as well as a dealer and my favorite dolls are Sybarites and Fashion Royalty. I say that these dolls are my favorites because each has their own charm and personality. However, if I could only have ONE doll in my collection, the doll I would pick would be a pristine #1 Brunette Barbie with bright red lips and pink skin."

Marl Davidson awarded "Barbies Best Friend" 2009On top of my busy web site sales, I've produced an average of 15 Barbie Doll Shows a year around the USA for the last decade. I have written 2 books, 'Barbie Doll Structures and Furniture' and 'Barbie Doll Collectors Handbook.'  I have appeared on Phil Donahue show, Prime Time, Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, and many others. I have written articles for Doll Reader, Barbie Bazaar, Haute Dolls, Millers Barbie Doll Magazine, Dolls, and a monthly column for Collecting Figurines. And was awarded the coveted "Barbie's Best Friend Award" in 2009, the highest honor and equivalent to the "Oscar" in the Barbie World!!   

Number One Ponytail Barbie 1959 - Marlbe.comSelling a Number One Barbie is the most exciting thing that can happen at a show. It's not the money involved, it's the way the customer reacts. It is just absolutely too great to see the look on someone's face when they get this doll you know they have been dreaming about owning! The glow that comes from the brand new owner of a perfect Number One is something we only get to see a few times and it makes up for any bad days we might have."

I must admit that I do shop the shows when I get a chance. Usually, I have a list of things my customers have asked for, but I also keeps my eyes open for other special goodies. In an exceedingly exciting moment, I recently found 'Glimmer Glamour' - a Sears exclusive mod outfit, circa 1968! It is so rare, I never expected to see one!

Check out our Show Schedule and maybe I'll see you there.

Marl Davidson

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