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"Best Barbie Doll Site in the World" "Best Barbie Doll Site in the World"

Grab a drink, relax and take a trip down memory lane while viewing all the beautiful Vintage Barbie dolls, fashions and accessories that you have ever seen in one place. Everything from the fabulous original 1959 Number One Barbie dolls to a left shoe to a particular outfit. We've got original structures and furniture, even vintage planes and automobiles for Barbie and her Family and Friends! We also carry newer (1973-2021) Barbie dolls, Integrity Dolls, Tonner Dolls, Sybarites, and other fantastic doll related items, such as magazines, catalogs and books. Pick out something that gives you goose bumps, place your order and when your package arrives, you'll feel like it's Christmas morning all over again....

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